Dental Site SEO

Here’s a question for all you dentists out there working on their dental marketing: What do you think is the most important SEO activity you should conduct for your dental website?

The answer is very simple:

Create a steady stream of incoming links (aka “backlinks”) to your web page from a diverse range of websites.

This MUST be the core of any SEO program for a dentist’s site.

Your “link profile” (aka the universe of links going to your site) must grow steadily over time and reflect a large number of different sites linking to you. Google is a popularity contest and each backlink is a vote for your site.

“Fine”, you say, “But that’s easier said than done. – HOW EXACTLY DO I GET THOSE LINKS???”.

That’s where we come in.

The Push Button SEO program for Dental Websites is THE starting point for this “foundational” type of search engine optimization.

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